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Кстати about Murka - кстати о птичках
April 19th, 2005
10:20 pm


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Кстати about Murka
Для arno1251 два разных английских перевода "Мурки".

Нумер раз (неведомо чей).

Now I tell the story how all this happened.
Murka was the girl and girl allright.
And in our district everybody missed her
When she was arrested late at night.

Once we went on business, me and Rabinovich,
Then we dropped at nearest restaurant-hall.
There was Murka sitting with Tommy, bloody bastard,
And she had a brouning, black and small.

First we wonna-gonna 'cause we were alone,
But suddenly a revenge came to mind.
In the dirty park-lines, where the people drink wine,
Our lovely Murka, you shall die.

How do you do, my Murka? How do you do, my darling?
How do you do, my darling, and goodbye...
You was sold forever all our malina
And it is a reason you must die.

Rabinovich fired, but he missed of target.
Me was that who made a little shot.
I was brought to doctor but Rabinovich, sterva,
Quickly took the girl to drink on spot.

Blacky voronochek, and my heart is crying,
And my heart is crying in the night.
In the dirty park-lines where the people drink wine
Murka's body lying still but fine...

Нумер два (Евгения Московца).

Let me tell you story, how was it going
Murka was the babe and babe all right
Everybody missed her in our cozy district,
When she was arrested through the night.

Once we went on business, looking for "new riches",
We decid' to warm up in the bar
There was sitting Murka, flirting with the snitches
Bloody rat, she sold us from the start.

First we wonna vanish, else the life will blemish,
Suddenly revenge came to my mind.
In the quiet park-lines, where the junkies drink wine,
Dear lovely Murka, will you die!

How are you, Murka? How are you, darling?
Nice is meeting you, but, well, goodbye!
Never fix your life's mess doing dirty business
Or my knife will shred you like a pie.

One of snitches fired, bullet wasn't mine yet.
Other guy, he made a lousy shot.
He was brought to doctor, no need to talk to...
Murka-babe was finished on a spot.

Dreadful raven's flying, dreary heart is crying,
Poor my heart is crying through the night.
In the quiet park-lines, where the junkies drink wine,
Murka's body lying still, but fine...

И, на всякий случай, ссылка на прошлогодние разговоры по этой теме.

Current Music: "Мурка", естественно!
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Date:April 19th, 2005 10:52 pm (UTC)
Спасибо! Жаль, ни один перевод не содержит перебивку

"Мурка, ты мой мурёночек.
Мурка, ты мой котёночек,
Мурка -- Маруся Климова...
Прости любимого."

Она очень оживляет исполнение. А как перетолмачить эту вставку на англ. с сохранением экспрессии -- не ведаю.
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